After Toxic Shock Syndrome

Unlike many diseases, people do not develop immunity to TSS once they have had it; therefore it has occasionally been known to recur.  If you have had TSS you need to remain alert to the signs and symptoms in the future, particularly as a result of localised infections following wounds, burns, surgical procedures, etc. It is always as well to advise your medical team ahead of any surgical procedure that you have had TSS in the past. If you are female then it is wise to avoid tampons, and any other internal (vaginally worn) menstrual or contraceptive devices. Anyone wishing to continue to use such products should consult their doctor.

As TSS is so rare, there is little information available about long-term problems after recovering from the illness. When diagnosed and treated promptly, most people make a full recovery. As with any serious illness reversible skin, hair and nail changes can occur, but these usually return to normal fairly soon after the illness. A few people experience sustained muscle weakness and psychological problems such as difficulty concentrating, memory loss or emotional changes. Future fertility and pregnancy outcomes in women who have had TSS do not appear to be affected, but you should always tell your obstetrician or doctor that you have previously had TSS so that you can be closely monitored after the delivery, when TSS has been known to recur.