Tampon Use and TSS

The link between TSS and tampon use is unclear. Research in the 1980’s suggested that for cases which occurred in women using tampons, tampon absorbency was a factor. For this reason it is recommended that you:

  • always use a tampon with the lowest absorbency suitable for your period flow
  • use a sanitary towel or panty liner from time to time during your period

Information about TSS is contained in the tampon manufacturers’ instruction leaflet. This information is often updated, so remember to read the leaflet regularly.

When using tampons, it is also important to remember to:

  • wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon
  • change tampons regularly, as often as directed on the pack
  • never insert more than one tampon at a time
  • when using at night, insert a fresh tampon before going to bed and remove it on waking
  • remove a tampon at the end of a period